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2003-03-18 23:20:55 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Looks like an attack on Iraq is imminent. I like AdamB's (of appleinsider.com message board) suggested name for the war, "Operation Nukular Strategerie." Sounds very Bush-like. Or maybe curiousuburb's suggestion, "Dubya Dubya III."
Also, I think the security at basketball games is directly proportional to the "terror level." During yellow they just do bag checks, but with the heightened level of orange today, they did individual metal detector scans. I'm afraid that if the level is elevated to red, we'll all be getting full body cavity searches. Actually, I just found this press release/advertisement on their website.
今天晚上我看见了姚明。 我要跟姚明一样。
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