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2003-04-15 22:05:05 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
On Saturday a website was created called BuddyZoo. It is a college students attempt to analyze social networks on AIM. If you have an AIM screenname and are using the official client (it doesn't work with Trillian, etc.) then visit BuddyZoo.com and upload your Buddy List. It only takes a few minutes, but it allows you to see how "popular" you are based on how many people have you on their buddy list. You can also see buddies that you and your friends have in common. Lastly, it automatically creates cliques. When I first went there, they only had 12,000 screennames, but after being linked to by /., they now have over 840,000 screen names in their database. Very cool, I suggest you check it out.
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