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2003-05-18 16:30:19 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
One of my neighbors works for Amazon.com and is allowed to borrow the office Segway when it is available (to take it home for the weekend of whatever). I had seen him on it before, but it was out of batteries, so he couldn't give us a ride. On Monday we saw him again and, fulfilling his promise, he gave us a ride on it. You can see my pictures here. It was really neat. Some may think of them as a lame scooter for fat people, but I think they are an awesome technological feat. If I had five kilodollars to spare, I would buy one.
On Friday, a bunch of my friends came to my house after school to watch Equilibrium and The Matrix. We ate pizza and immediately headed out to see The Matrix: Reloaded. We got in line three hours before the movie was to start. We were lucky to arrive when we did because we were in the first 15 feet of the line and were able to take cover under a large tarp someone brought, since it was rainging hard. The people in front of and behind us were watching the original Matrix (one on a laptop and the other on a portable DVD player). BTW, this was at the Cinerama (pictures). When we were allowed to enter, there was a mad dash up the staircase to find good seats. I quickly ran down to the front of the theatre using the first aisle, and then dashed up the next aisle. My plan succeeded and were able to get four seats in the sixth row and three seats in the fifth row (both in the center of the theatre). The movie rocked. The bass was intense. Today, I went back with my family. Arriving one hour 30 minutes before the movie began, we didn't get as good a place in line. However, we still ended up with good seats (in my opinion, the rest of my family doesn't like sitting in the front part of the theatre). It was good again today as well. I can't wait for Revolutions to come out. I will try to get tickets for the 20:00 showing on the first day (the quickest to go).
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