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2003-07-29 13:22:47 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
It has been a while since I last update my website. I seem to be slower at updating during the summer (I went like 6 months last summer without an update). Anyway, about two weeks ago I got back from my two week trip to Utah. It was mostly in Utah, be we also had side trips to New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado. We flew in and out of Las Vegas. We saw lots of cool stuff there: Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, Four Corners (these are just off the top of my head). Also, in less than two months, I quadrupled the number of times I have seen the Blue Man Group. I saw them on June 1st in Seattle (on their Complex tour). Then I saw them again on June 28th and July 12th in Las Vegas performing Live at Luxor. The June 28th performance was extra special because that was the day of the BMG Message Board fan meet. A bunch of people met at a house and we had a three hour party starting at 18:00. Then we had an hour to get to the Luxor and we met in the Blue Man lobby. I finally got a chance to hear the bathroom song in the actual bathroom! At 22:00, our show started. After our show we went to the meet and greet and then we got a very special tour. There were 27 of us at the show taking up over two rows. It was great (although I think the HP/Ingram Micro people behind us got kind of angry when we kept standing up and/or raising our hands up). I have pictures up from the Blue Man Group shows, but unfortunately, due to space constraints, I wasn't able to upload the rest of the trip pictures. Hopefully that will be fixed in a month or so when I get a new server :). Also, yesterday, I made a daring trip into the heart of Mordor to pick up 330 feet of PVC pipe. In the following weeks I will be building some more PVC instruments.
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