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2003-08-23 01:31:09 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Update time. First of all, I went on a 50 miler a few weeks ago. We left from Darrington and ended up at Holden Village. It was a fun hike. We had great weather and made excellent time. We made such good progress that we skipped one campsite and went halfway through the next day's hike to get to a better campsite (one that didn't have bugs). Since we stayed an extra day this year to do a conservation project (for the 50 miler), we got to be there on a Monday night. On Sunday when we arrive, everything is closed (this place is very religious), but on Monday the party starts. The whole village is circa 1940s. The four lane bowling alley actually has pin setters that you load yourself. After the hike I had a day of rest. My feet were very sore. Then my brother, mom, and I headed down to California. I looked at some colleges. We had a free day in LA and we decided to go to Disneyland. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to pick up a white search and sketch out a Free Mickey image on it. However, thanks to some helpful hints from Jeff T, I was able to maximize my 16 hours in the park. Even though it was a Saturday, I was able to go on most rides (plus tons of Indianna Jones and a bunch of Splash Mountain too) by abusing Fast Pass and taking advantage of the single rider lines. I remembered from a year before when I read about where you could see Tinkerbell land after coming off the Matterhorn, so I went there before the fireworks show. Some other people came up and one said, "Are you here to see Tinkerbell crash too?" I had a good little laugh at that. In the end there were like 10 of us there. We all applauded after it happened. We also checked out Hearst's mansion while we were down there.
You have probably heard of flash mobs by now, unfortunately. I was trying to organize a flash mob in Seattle with some people, but the e-mail conversation I was in with them abruptly ended (who knows why) and they never e-mailed me to announce the event. The fact that I missed the event, they had two like a week apart, and after reading the article in USA Today (provided at our hotel), I decided that flash mobs had spread too fast and Seattle joined too late. Now they are too publicised and common. That fad went by fast. Next time an internet phenomonem comes out, I better jump on it faster.
Finally I'd like to make two statements about National SecurityTM. First off all, I discovered while flying out of SeaTac that the chemical detectors they use run Windows 9x! Oh great, I feel safe! Second, they didn't let me bring scissors on a plane (I had completely forgotten about them, they were way in my binder and I had just brought my whole scool back pack with me) or nail clippers, yet they let people bring fucking knitting needles or a pocket full of pens on a plane. A big thanks to the geniuses at the Department of Homeland security. I feel save that no one can clip their nails on a plane now!
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