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2003-08-23 19:43:29 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Good news. A few days ago it was announced that the Blue Man Group is coming back for a third leg of the Complex Tour! I've got my tickets: Section 2 Row 9. Unfortunately, no general admission this time. I was considering going down to Portland to see that show as well, but we decided against it.
More good news. Viruses, worms, and trojans have been running rampant on the internet the last few weeks. You know what I think? "Hahahahaha." I've never been infected by any of them. People should really learn to secure their systems and put them behind firewalls. Unfortunately, though, if that happens then people won't have as much incentive to ditch Windows. Haha Windows, what a joke. I hope eventually a Warhol worm comes along with deadly payload. Something that, after spreading itself quickly throughout the internet, would do something malicious like format hard drives or corrupt tons of files. Then people would finally learn how insecure Windows is and what is the real TCO.
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