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2003-08-24 21:18:21 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Well I think I have finally given in to reality TV. The chances are that in an ocean of stupid shows, there should be at least a few good ones. I'll occasionally watch Monster Garage, Monster House, or American Chopper. However, I have started watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy regularly. It is a really funny show with helpful hints. I even made one of the meals they had on the show for dinner one day. I recommend you check it out on Bravo.
Second item: I have recently been downloading and listening to a lot of music through iRATE. iRATE provides over 46,000 free legal music downloads (have to increase its PageRank). It has some bad music, but I also have found some real gems (just like with signed musicians). It is supposed to use collaborative filtering to find other music you like based on your current ratings. However, the program is still an early beta with a small user base. But, by using it you increase the user base and improve the accuracy of the filtering mechanisms. Some of the great bands I have found include: Phil's Finest Hour (a piano rock group from Australia), Straight Furrow (a UK celtic band), and Ian Bjornstad has a really cool song called Gramophone Theory.
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