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2003-09-16 12:13:45 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
I can't take it any more, I have to rant. Since this weekend, I keep getting more and more pissed.
Lets start with Comcast. On Saturday they sent someone over to install digital cable in our basement (so we could watch Mariners, Football, Blue Man Group on Leno in HDTV). Note: We already had HDTV over antenna for almost two years, but the reception sucked. However, they screwed up a bunch of stuff. First, (I wasn't there during the install, so I don't know how this happened) the color was all way off. It was lacking lots of reds and the green looked yellowy/brown. We eventually found out that one of the component cables was unplugged. Second, our surround sound no longer worked. We rented two movies to watch over the weekend, but we couldn't watch them without surround sound. That one took a little longer to fix. For some reason, the Comcast person was messing with settings on the receiver and screwed up which speakers to use. This caused me much frustration, lack of sleep, and emotional damage. However, I am not the only one that had problems with Comcast this week. My friends Robert and Travis also had a bunch of problems with their Comcast service and service representatives.
Verisign. Verisign, Verisign, Verisign (sorry for sounding like Ballmer). Anyway, this assholes think they are the gods of the internet. They made it so that domain names that don't exist send you to their servers (instead of not resolving). This is similar to what Microsoft does with IE when a domain doesn't resolve. However, now this affects every internet user and it can't be turned off. They even have the nerve to state in their Terms of Service that if you don't agree to their ToS, then don't use the service. Well, it isn't like I have much choice is it? Now, they can make all this money by selling search results and they are harvesting any e-mail addresses that connect to their server. Note to people: be very careful about typing e-mail addresses. If you type the domain wrong, it will connect to the Verisign server and they will now have your e-mail address. Lets hope Verisign gets smacked down.
AOL hasn't really pissed me off recently, it is more of a long term hate relationship. It first started when they blocked my mail server from sending e-mail through them. So instead, I now have to forward all my mail through the Comcast SMTP server (increasing load on that machine). They wasted a few hours of my life while I had to troubleshoot why AOL was rejecting all the e-mail. Next, they blocked all links to their homepage.aol.com server that have a referer from the Live Journal website. Hey AOL, thanks for breaking the internet. AOL is sending the signal that they don't want to be part of the internet, so I decided to help them. I blocked all AOL users from accessing my website. Unfortunately, I still allow e-mail from AOL, but that is only because I have users that have AOL acquaintances.
Finally, on to Valve. I used to like Valve; Half-Life is a great game, but now it is fucked. With Steam, I have started to hate Valve. Steam reminds me of BuyMusic.com, whenever you want to use your product, you have to be connected to the internet to confirm that you have the right to use it. This is the great thing about Apple's iTunes Music Store: they give the user broad fair use rights. BuyMusic and Valve screw their customers over. There are lots of problems with Steam, so I'll just link to this Kuro5hin article. Finally, there is only one way in which this would be useful to me. First, they would have to allow it to be installed on at least three computers (like iTMS) with the option to deauthorize a computer from using it (iTMS) and it shouldn't have to connect to the internet (iTMS). However, if it doesn't do that, then it should be less than half the price to buy the Steam version. Normally my brother and I share our games, so in order for the Steam version to be cheaper, it would have to be less than half the normal price. However, since Valve introduced internet-powered-DRM games to the consumer, I will probably boycott them anyway to show that changes like this are not wanted by the consumer.
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