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2003-10-05 14:58:15 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
A week ago last Friday I went to the opening of the Apple store in Bellevue. We arrived 1.5 hours early to stand in line. That was the highest concentration of iPods I have ever seen. The employees came out with forms to win some free iPods. When the store opened, I was among the first group. We ran in and got high-fives from about 10 employees. They were blasting "Get This Party Started" and playing visualizations on the theatre screen. We quickly got in line at the counter and bought AppleCare for our PowerBook. Then we wondered around. I was finally able to see the internals of a G5 in real life. Also, they had a keyboard (of the music variety) connected to a computer with some music software on it. I can't remember what its name was, but it emulated a full rack of actual music, um, boxes. We sat in the theatre, whipped out our PowerBook and chatted with some people we found with Rendezvous.
On Monday I stopped listening to my Venus Hum CD and BMG's The Complex CD so I wouldn't get burned out before the concert Friday. The days grew longer and longer in anticipation of Friday. Friday finally comes and I go through about every emotion I can think of. First, in the morning, excitement over the concert. Then, during PE, Travis and run five laps around the track instead of our normal four. Now I am tired. Next, Travis and I sneak in the back way to the assembly so we can claim our seats in the very back before other people arrive. This year all the assemblies are after 2nd period so I can't just leave (because I have to stick around for Physics), grrr. I sat threw that brain numbing assembly and experienced boredom. We had a homecoming speaker like every year. This year it was a lawyer and he was very boring. You know what, I'm not going to be a lawyer and I don't need to hear your stupid stories about "putting 40 couples into the back of [his] mom's station wagon." I need to film one of these assemblies some time so I can show people why I hate high school so much. Next, I push my way through all the people and quickly walk to the science hallway to wait for the physics classroom to be opened. Then the fire alarm goes off! Jesus Christ. I hang out with Luke, Slava, and another guy whose name I can't remember. We start off in the back of the school, but start walking around when we get bored. We were at the front of the school with the masses for a while before heading around to the other side. We stayed here for a little while longer before the school opened again. I got to Physics and was there for eight minutes before class ended. If I had known we would only have eight minutes of 3rd period, I would have said screw it and left before the assembly. Instead I waited around for about two hours longer than I needed. By now I am fuming. I drive home, go up stairs, and pass out. I took a 1.5 hour nap so I would be rested for the concert. When I wake up, my aunt and uncle are over, so I start getting everything ready that I need to bring. You can read about the rest of my experience at the Blue Man Group Message Board.
Yesterday was homecoming. Boring. So, I got together with Jeff T and Travis. We went to get some Japanese food for dinner. Jeff T had some Sake and they didn't even card him. Then we looked for some geocaches on the internet. Using my flash light and Jeff T's cellphone/GPS (which I don't think ever got a GPS lock) we went searching. We only knew where one was, but we couldn't find it. We were at the mossy rock and we looked all around, but nothing. Robert joined us for the search as well. I guess that is about all. The geocache search and dinner was more fun than it sounded, though.
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