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2003-10-22 21:35:38 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Today I had to go to a college admissions presentation. In order for us to see the trouble admissions officers have to go through, they gave us three different example applications to review. All had their strengths and weakness. We had to pick one to accept, one to wait-list, and one to deny. One of the people wanted to be an astronaut. She mentioned how she'll never forget sitting in class when she learned that Challenger had been destroyed. Hmm, I thought, she applied for college 'last year' but remembers Challenger. I looked at her birthday and it said she was born in 1984. Hmm, she remembers sitting in class at age two when Challenger was lost. When I brought that up with our group, we decided to instantly deny her; we don't want any liers attending Mt. Olympus University.
Oh BTW, Gator is spyware. I await your cease-and-desist.
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