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2003-10-27 00:01:18 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
On Friday I went to the University Village Apple store to pick up my copy of Panther. My brother and I had dinner at a Pizzeria nearby. Unfortunately, it was slow, so we weren't able to get in line until five minutes before opening. We waited in line for an hour, but that was okay. There were nice people around us and we had my iPod to listen to. People often approached the line asking what it was all about. One time, the guy in front of me answered, "We are here to buy a an upgrade for some computer software." She looked away and tightened her face in an effort not to laugh. Their reaction was pretty funny. When we got in, we got in the checkout line and grabbed a box that was within arms reach. After we purchased that, we looked around a little. The first thing we did, of course, was chek out Expose. Unfortunately, I tried to test it on an eMac which didn't like having you open all apps at once :). The dock was like a slide show. When I realized that it was thrashing beyond belief, I went around looking for a G5. My brother and I tested it out on a G5 with a 23" Cinema Display and another display (15/17" flat panel(?)). Very cool. We also got some goodies: iPod stickers and bling bling dog tags. Then we headed home and installed Panther.
Second, I have (with my brother) been working on some new videos. They are under wraps right now, but will be released in a week or two. We created them with Final Cut Pro 4 (all legal), which allowed me to learn a lot about that program while getting started on a simple project. Actually, I am making three short videos. One has already been completed and (with the knowledge I gained) the other two should be completed shortly. I'll put them on my website as soon as they are made public. I'd like to thank Travis for helping star in the videos.
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