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2003-11-01 23:11:53 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Friday was halloween and, like I hoped, I dressed up as a Blue Man. Some people didn't get the references, but others did. Unfortunately, there was a lot of misinformation, which it wasn't possible for me to correct (because I was in character). This was kind of upsetting. There is no 4th Blue Man, we have never been on Letterman, and we are the Blue Man Group not Blue Man Crew. We made a few babies cry, oh well. Also, we scared some middle/high school age girls just by silently walking up. I didn't understand why they freaked so much. They must have some kind of blue aversion Cyndrome :).
Today we went to see Houdini's Water Torture Chamber. It was fancy and nice looking. As we were driving away, I saw my cousin and his girlfriend driving into the brewery next door, so we turned around and said hi. It took him a few seconds to realize who it was driving slowly next to him on his way to the door.
Finally, this morning I took the SAT II. Blah, I hate standardized tests. It was at Newport, a school that sort of smelled like space camp in Alabama. Oh well, that is all for today.
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