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2003-11-08 13:06:47 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Well, yesterday was a good start to a 3.5 day weekend (I have an hour long class on Monday, so not 4 day). I went with my parents to the Sonics game against the Portland J^HTrailblazers. We arrived right before it began because we had to pick my brother up from drivers ed. It was a close game at the beginning, but we pulled into the lead later in the game and eventually won. Right before the end of the third quarter, the buzzer was used. It got quiet and sounded funny, then sounded normal, then it got quiet again. One of the buzzers got stuck on and they were trying to unstick it. They tried toggling power to the huge hanging scoreboard, but that didn't work. Meanwhile, Shultz and his son were down on court holding their ears (it was louder the lower you went). Shultz walked off after maybe 5 minutes and the audience applauded. Very soon after, the entertainers from halftime came out. They do lots of flips, Lenny style. Shultz almost got wiped out by a guy doing some flips on his way back. Sasquatch also came out with paper on his ears and around his head to hold it on. Finally, they shut off the power to the whole scoreboard and the noise stopped. The tried turning it on again, but if beeped, so it quickly went off. Some people brought stopwatches to the official timekeepers and they kept talking to the refs. However, it didn't come to that because they managed to bring the timers above the baskets back on. They also experimented with how to sound that the quarters were over. They tried hitting the microphone on the desk (at least, I assume that is what they were trying to do), which made a really nasty sound. Eventually they got it all worked out and we watched the score on the advertising ring around the 200 section. After the game, I quickly walked over to section 128 to watch the Presidents of the United States do a concert. I didn't know they were going to be there before hand, so that was a pleasant surprise. I got a seat in the 2nd row (courtside). It was about the same place I was last time. Fortunately, not as many people came into the first row as last time. It was a good concert, I enjoyed it. They even played Supersonics (they didn't last time). Chris started it off by saying they are going to time travel back to 1996; back in the day of Shawn Kemp, Big Smooth, Detlef Schrimpf, etc. He said sing along if you know the words, I do, so I did :). Someone had a sign that said "Supersonics oo-yah." The songs they play included: Tiki God, Supersonics, Kitty, Lump, Peaches, Dune Buggy, We Are Not Going to Make It, Back Porch, and Video Killed the Radio Star. They also played two new tunes, I believe that was all of them. With the delay of game, concert, and late start, we didn't get back to our car until 23:22. It was good though. Today I am probably just going to relax. Tomorrow I am seeing the Matrix at IMAX (no Cinerama :(). I have no idea what I am doing Monday, but I have math at 12:30. On Tuesday I am going to perform at the Treehouse(?) with my school's steel drum band.
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