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2003-11-18 16:20:36 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Time to finish what happened over the four day weekend. I saw the Matrix at IMAX which was cool. Beforehand I had some friends over to watch Reloaded and the MTV parody included on the extras disc. It does look better than the normal movies, but not as good as native IMAX films. I had seen Reloaded at the IMAX theatre in the Luxor. I liked Revolutions, despite what most people seem to think. I will have to view it again when it comes out on DVD.
On Tuesday I went with my steel drum to the Treehouse off of Rainier Ave. We stopped at Starbucks on the way. While there, we performed two sets. I saw all three of the mascots for the Seattle teams and the Mariner Moose was in our conga line. They had a list of benefactors at the entrance. On the top of the list was Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, followed by Steve and Connie Ballmer. Bleck.
This weekend I saw Santana, watched Dark City, watched a bunch of the early episodes of CSI, and tried to see ASIMO. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see ASIMO because you needed to arrive when the place opened to get the free tickets, which I never saw mentioned anywhere. Grr.
Today was a busy day, but in a good way. I woke up this morning to discover that the power had gone off during the night. I raced through my shower. Then, I told my brother to remove the 128 MB RAM chip from his old computer. I quickly installed that in the server (which I had been meaning to do for like a year) and then turned it on. I headed to the kitchen for a granola bar and soda, no time for a real breakfast. I went up stairs, SSH'ed into the server, and started going to work. I needed to start all the services that aren't started on boot and make sure everything is running okay. I had a little problem with getting MySQL to run, but I eventually narrowed it down to the fact that I was trying to run under user myql (instead of mysql). My brother and I quickly headed out for school. I drove through huge puddles on Island Crest Way to school. Leaving my backpack in the car, I went directly to steel drum and started packing. The people I was driving walked to my car and I carried one of the lead pans with me (because there wasn't enough room in our truck). I followed the truck to the freeway. 405 had caused a backup all the way onto Mercer Island. Nearly my whole trip on I-90 was spent idling (and moving without using the acclerator). Once we got on 405 things sped up slightly and I headed over to the express lanes. I had to get out, though, because there was an accident in the express lanes (which was also causing the backup on 405). Anyway, the truck was going slow, so I went to pass, but at around 50 or 55 mph, we started to hydroplane for short bursts every few seconds. I could see why the person crashed, so I slowed down and got behind the truck. We eventually made it to the elementary school up in Kirkland and had to quickly set up. My car was first to arrive and the other people came even closer to show time. First were the younger grades, and they had really high pitch cheers. After them, we played to the higher grades. On the second song, they whole audience was standing up and bobbing around. I was suprised how involved all the kids where. They were more into the music than I was (I do like the music, it just doesn't make me dance, especially when in front of 200 first through third graders). Before their assembly was over we were already packing up. We raced back to school where an ass confronted me telling me not to park where I was and threatening to close the entrance gate. Hoberman said we could park back there and I told the guy it was for steel drum band. He was stubborn, so I left. When I came back to the car he was gone and the gate was still open. I got permission to leave early so I could be less late to my BCC classes. I was about 12 minutes late for math. After finishing up my Political Science test, I stopped at Starbucks on the way home. After finishing my peppermint hot chocolate and pumpkin scone, here I am writing about my travels.
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