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2003-11-22 23:33:40 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
I just got back from seeing George Carlin (who, by the way, was elected as the alternate in case my third period class's ASB representative couldn't make the ASB meeting) in concert at the new Opera house. It was hilarious, "Here is another group of cock suckers that deserve to get an inoperable tumor at the base of their spine." "They are coming out with enema's on the internet now. E.nema.com. Some guy at home sticking a mouse up his ass. Probably a Mac user, too. We're always ahead of the curve." Hehe.
Also, I saw a link to Music Mobs from a post on slashdot. You sign up for an account and upload your iTunes XML playlist. It will parse the file, counting the number of times you have listened to the songs and getting your ratings for each song. Then you can browse through links finding other users with similar tastes and see what music they listen to. Right now it is basic "this user also listens to this artist." It would be nice if they created some algorithms that would correlate users to each other. That way you could see who shares your musical interests in a more advanced fashion. Anyway, you can see my user page.
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