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2003-11-23 16:30:41 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
I just modified the script that generates the random album you see at right (or, in the middle of this text if you are using internet explorer). Now it uses new caching code I wrote (before it was just using a caching module). I replaced the old code because I wasn't sure it was actually being cached and this new one makes it faster.
Last night I tried creating a new stylesheet for this website to make it look better with inferior web browsers *cough*IE*cough*. It looked and worked perfect with Mozilla with one exception. I couldn't figure out how to move the quote block to the very bottom of the page like it is now (this happened in all browsers, not just Moz). It still looked okay in IE, but it acted better than it does now. However, it looked like absolute shit with Opera. I need to test it in Safari to get a fourth opinion. Personally, I could care less if my page looks good in IE, but I do want it to work well with Safari, Opera, and others.
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