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2003-11-25 23:54:41 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Dear Diary, today I have lots of small updates.
First, this month is the two year anniversary of the last time I had a hair cut. However, some hair products arrived in the mail today, so I won't be sporting the same hairstyle for much longer.
I was driving home today and I had to stop to let a horse cross the street. This is the first time I realized it, but that is a little weird. It never occured to me before because I've lived here my whole conscious life. I live in a suburb surrounded in all directions by city, so you wouldn't expect horses.
I went to the Sonics game tonight and I saw Steve "My name is Neo" Ballmer at the game. He was in the same seat as the last time I saw him. I waved to him, but I am not sure if he saw me (he may have, but just chose to ignore me). I wonder if he has been to my website; I think some Microsoft employees have because I have a screen capture of my server-status with hits from tidexx.microsoft.com. Unfortunately, the Sonics lost horribly.
Finally, at the Sonics game, I had the first ice cream in like 1.5 months. It was mint chocolate chip and it was great. It took me forever to eat it, though.
PS: Time to grab some LotR: RotK tickets.
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