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2003-11-27 22:53:11 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Some more website news. First, I fixed lots of stuff to make this page XHTML 1.1 compliant. I mentioned this to my family tonight at Thanksgiving dinner when they asked what I have been up to; they didn't seem impressed.
Second, I upgraded to the latest version of Gallery. Version 1.4.1 has lots of cool new features, so check it out.
Finally, I unblocked AOL users. AOL still sucks, but I'll give the users another chance.
In other news, I managed to get tickets to LotR: RotK. Tickets were supposed to go on sale at 12:00, so I checked continuously from 12:00-12:04 and they weren't on sale. I had to go to math, and when I got back (after visiting Travis who just had plastic surgery), the tickets were already sold out for the first day. I purchased tickets for the Thursday 19:45 showing. My clock was set to the correct time, BTW. Grr.
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