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2003-12-09 15:42:59 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Andrew's log, stardate December 9th.
This has been a good week for Prime95 Team Hitchcock. In the last seven days, we have turned in 14.268 P90 years worth of work. That places us around 30th out of all teams this week.
Last Friday our steel drum band played in the assembly. We only played like three or four songs, so it wasn't worth the set up time. I didn't lift weights at all in weight training because I had been moving basses all during 1st. I then had to move all the basses back during 3rd (missing physics). My hands cramped up and it made my arms sore the next day.
This week should be fun. It is finals week at BCC, but I only have one test. Tomorrow I am having lunch with a friend who I met when he worked at the middle school. I don't get to see him often (even though he now works less than half a mile away), so that'll be fun. I also have the public steel drum concert tomorrow. On Friday we are going to one of the zoos around here to perform at a Holiday party. We are learning a bunch of Christmas songs.
Finally, time to pimp an article for someone. I know I have mentioned this before, but it has fallen off my front page. Read this article to learn more about free, legal music downloads.
Andrew out.
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