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2003-12-11 22:53:44 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Who is this sexy guy?
I had lunch with Josh yesterday. He showed me around the elementary school where he is working now (including their Xserve). Then we headed out for some pizza. It was good to catch up with him. While we were eating, Sina (someone else he knew from middle school) showed up at the pizza place and said hi.
Last night I peformed in the winter performance of our steel drum band. It was fun listening to the beginning band because they played Clocks by Coldplay (which I had really been wanting to hear; I download a short clip of Clocks on steel drum from a website and it sounded really cool) and Follow the Sun (my favorite song from last year). Tomorrow we are going to play at a holiday party in a zoo. Should be interesting, especially since we will be playing a bunch of Christmas songs (and some of us wearing holiday decorations).
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