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2003-12-17 18:25:42 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Blah, it is taking longer than I would hope to get Apache 2 configured on the new machine. I was originally going to use Apache 1, but the Gentoo team wants to push Apache 2, so I guess I'll have to use that. I have been trying to configure the virtual hosts, but I keep getting forbidden errors. There are, I believe, only two problems right now (only one of which is a blocking error): the Apache forbidden error and I'm not able to login to the home directory shares with Samba. Once I get Apache working, however, good stuff will happen. I'll finally have room to upload some images that have been delayed, hopefully SSL will help secure the password protected areas, and Squirrelmail and image uploading will be faster. I've now used up 55 Gigs on the server, or about 4% :).
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