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2003-12-21 13:56:57 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
On Wednesday we got the LotR:TTT DVD in the mail. My brother and I wanted to watch all the extra scenes before we went to RotK the next day. My parents were at the Sonics game and left us some pizza makings for dinner. However, we had no toppings. I looked around the fridge and freezer and found some frozen chicken. I asked my brother, "Wanna try something?" Since I was too lazy to defrost it, I started cutting up the chicken while it was still ice. Have you seen the ice cream commercials where the ice cream is served with a spoon and it curls around in a tube shape? Well, that is what the chicken was doing. My left hand became numb by the end and my right hand bled a little from the sharp upper edge of the cleaver. Anyway, that got cut up while my brother was preparing some green onions. I had my brother crush some garlic while I got some pre-cut pieces of ginger. We fried that up in the wok for a few seconds before adding the chicken. Once the chicken was cooked some, I added soy sauce until it looked good. Then, I added a dash of sesame oil. We put the chicken on the pizza, then cooked it for half the time. We pulled it out, added the green onions, and cooked it for the rest of the time. It was suprisingly good; even my brother liked it!
I am letting the server sit for a while to make sure it is stable. I don't want to move any of my Mission Critical services over to the server and have it crash or something. It has been up for a little over three days now. I am using it heavily for data storage, but not much else at the moment (I'm storing my 9.36 gigs of Daily Show episodes on it ;) ). I also downloaded the 2001 MWSF Keynote at about 800 megs. I set up OpenLDAP this morning, but I couldn't figure out any good use for it (I was too lazy to try to figure out how to set it up for address books, especially since I couldn't find any excellent documentation). I did this during my bizarre sleep schedule this morning. Yesterday I stayed up until 04:00 because I was over at Travis's house. I then slept until 13:xx (ack!). So, in an attempt to get back on schedule (and because I was tired), I went to sleep at about 22:00, only to wake up at 01:30. I laid in bed for another hour, but couldn't get back to sleep. I turned off my computer, but that didn't help. Screw that, I got up and started doing things. I ended up watching three Daily Show episodes, listening to two albums of music, and configuring OpenLDAP. I went back to sleep at 06:00. I woke up again at 11:30 to smell of Starbucks hot chocolate. Anyway, I haven't yet got Apache working, but I haven't tried since I last mentioned it. I did talk to Jeff M and he suggested just compiling it myself (versus an ebuild). I'll have to try that over break. Also, I picked up a PCI->PCMCIA adapter at Fry's, so I'll have to (finally) set up the internet router box with wireless.
I saw LotR:RotK on Thursday. I came home and wrote about it for 1.5 hours Friday morning. However, this was in a personal e-mail and therefore has to be edited before I can post it. Actually, the majority of the e-mail was about the day's activities and waiting in line (because we got there four hours before the movie started).
Finally, Travis introduced me to a good music radio station (not some ClearChannel owned sludge or NPR (which is good, but can get old sometimes)). It is a high school radio station called C89.5. I had heard about it before, but never listened to it. I think I saw the URL on a website once, but it was missing the 5 and therefore took me to the portal of a domain squatter. Anyway, it is much better than my crappy high school radio station (which plays rap/hip-hop/R&B). As I was coming home from Travis's house at 03:30 one morning, they even played the Queer Eye theme song.
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