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2003-12-29 17:33:12 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
YAY! I got a new design. Welcome to andrewhitchcock.org 2.1. A big "shout out" to the guys over at Glish for the "3 Columns, The Holy Grail" CSS layout. I had tried to implement something like this myself a while back, but it turned into a horrible mess that looked like shit on IE and Opera. The CSS for the new layout is much cleaner and it should degrade nicer on dumb browsers (*cough* IE *cough*). Since this was only a small update, I made it into .1 release. You can still find the old version 2.0 of andrewhitchcock.org.
In other news, my dad got Uru for Christmas, so we created an account today. Since the guys over there are dumb, they wouldn't allow us to use the username hitchCOCK. We couldn't figure out why it wouldn't let us use hitchCOCK, thehitchCOCKs, or hitchCOCK.org. We looked at the requirements, none of which we were disobeying. Oh, but there is no profanity allowed in usernames. Since they wouldn't let us use our last name (BTW, we weren't capitalizing 'cock'), we went for 'hitchgenital' instead. So, if you see hitchgenital in Uru Live, say hi. Now I am off to send them a nice little letter complaining that I can't use my last name as a username and that their registration doesn't support Mozilla.
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