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2004-01-02 01:37:58 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Robert and I were on the internet a few days ago looking for New Year's parties. I knew about the LAN/dance party at Nathan Hale High School, but we concluded that it would likely be filled up with scrawny/fat, smelly nerd guys yelling, "1 @r3 pW|\|z3|) j00" across the room. Luckily, I found that EMP would be having a New Year's party in the Sky Church. United State of Electronica and Maktub were the bands that would play. I went to the USE website and downloaded their audio and visual samples. They are a local electropop band and the concert video looked fun. I asked my friends if they would want to go, but everyone was either out of town or their parents made them stay home.
Now, onto New Year's Eve. It was snowing the night before, but I woke up early (10:00!) to find the snow was lame. Also, the street had already been plowed. We had been planning to go the Museum of Glass in Tacoma; the snow proved to not be a problem in reaching this goal. We listened to some Moby and R.E.M. on the way down. After arriving, we headed straight for the Cafe. My brother and I were hungry, so we split a sandwich (which turned out to be just fine because the sandwich was huge). Next we went into the huge space capsule like thing sticking off of one side. To my surprise, it was empty! I imagined it would contain a gallery or something. The entire thing was hallow with a bunch of furnaces at the bottom. We entered and took a seat to watch the "House Team" work on blowing some glass. I have always thought blowing glass was cool, so it was enjoyable. After watching them complete their project, we headed to the exhibits. They had a lot of other types of art besides glass (like some resin sculputres and photos). We then headed to the roof to a pedestrian overpass to view the glass by Chihuly. We also went to this other building (which was closed last time we checked) to see its glass, but it is a government building and was therefore closed to the public due to CODE ORANGE!. However, we did step in and peak around from behind the security station. That concluded the trip and we headed home.
I didn't really want to stay at home, so I convinced my brother to come with EMP with me. My mom called asking about tickets and learned they were sold out. Damn. However, she said they might release some at 19:00, so we had dinner and then headed over. We paid 10 bucks for parking(!), which I believe is more than normal (because they wanted to make a killing, being next to the Space Needle on New Year's). I was like, "Fuck, we better get tickets, else we just wasted 10 bucks." Luckily, despite arriving just before 19:00, the line was really short. There were only like eight people in front of us. We easily managed to get tickets, so we headed into the museum to play around in the Sound Lab. We did a jam session and some other stuff, but we got too hot and had to take our coats to the coat drop off. We jammed a little bit more, then watched part of a video that was playing in one of the main hallways. We finally checked out the video control panel for the Sky Church (like we do every visit ;) ). This time, however, I noticed that they were using BeOS on one of the computers. It was very heterogeneous (much like my home network), consisting of Windows 2000, BeOS, a pre-OS X Mac, and some other computers which were unidentifiable. They also had a laptop sitting on one of the consoles blinking down to the new year. We headed down, but didn't know what else to do. We talked to one of the employees for a short while, who suggested we head over to the theatre soon (because it was about to open). We were right next to the theatre at that point (in fact, I could see much of it from there), but we still had to walk down some stairs, through the gift shop, get in line, then climb some more stairs before getting into the theatre through entrance proper. This was around 20:00, the concert was supposed to start at 21:00. We sat down in the back (it wasn't very crowded yet). There was a DJ there playing Rap/Hip-hop/R&B type songs. I was neutral to most of them, a few were good (one by Michael Jackson and another by Bob Marley), and only one really bugged (one that I had heard on X104 during weight training; X104 that plays the same damn songs every day). We stood up right after 21:00, expecting the show to start. We stood standing for another 20 minutes before deciding to go look at the DJ and reserve a spot up front (as it was getting crowded). It was just like the DJ section in the Disco exhibit they had a while back. It was interesting to watch. We reserved our spot a little to left of the DJ: just to the left of the subwolfers, under the speakers, and near the keyboarder. As we were waiting, I noticed the keyboard had an Apple sticker on it. Cool! Also, two guys dressed in full snowman outfit entered the crowd and were dancing with people. One of them, like Marilyn Manson, did the face-to-crouch dance (however, it was probably less emotional damaging than Marilyn Manson's would be).
The band finally came out at 21:30. They didn't talk much and got right into the music. It was just like the videos on the website and a lot of fun. During one of the songs, a mosh-like group was formed, I considered joining, but decided to just continue doing Rock Concert Movement #3 from where I was. I did lots of RCM #1, 2, and 3 that night, but I didn't attempt #4. This was the first time I had ever seen someone crowd dive in real life. The drummer dived and was successfully returned to stage. Near the end, the glitter and silly string was brought up a notch (some of the band dancers had been doing it all night, but only in moderation). I got tons of glitter thrown on me and a little bit of silly string. I had never felt silly string before, it is much more moist than I imagined. "Crap," I thought, "I'll never get this glitter out of my dreads." I still don't think I have gotten it all. When they finished their set, we headed to get some water at the fountain (the only areas to get drinks were bars). The DJ came out for another half hour (until 23:00). Jeff and I sat in the very back to rest and get away from the crowd. Once Maktub came out, we walked up closer. We stayed near the back for their performance. The lead guy singer told a story about one of their songs: there was a huge chain of communications when they were creating it. One person was in the bathroom, talking to the guy in another room, talking to another guy over the phone, who was chatting with the final guy (in LA) using iChat on the Mac. Another Apple reference! That was two in one night; plus, I was wearing my University Village Apple Store t-shirt.
Around 23:48 we headed outside. The line to check out coats was real long, so we just went outside in our t-shirts. I found a spot on the stairs next to EMP. It was hard to navigate because there were so many people. Finally, the spark things went off on the sides. We couldn't see the elevator rising. Then, a few seconds before midnight, roman candles cascaded up the sides and BAM! it was the new year. There was a lot of cheering. Everytime a bunch of fireworks went off or someone yelled "Happy New Year" there would be more cheering. This was the first time I had watched the fireworks in real life. A few guys behind me were smoking in the new year, and I'm not talking about cigarettes. The rest of the night my hair smelled rank. Also, being down wind of the fireworks, we were rained on by ash. I don't think any big pieces hit me, but I could feel little tiny ones hit often.
We went back inside and the USE merchandise stand was gone. Luckily, it said they would return (I assume they were watching the fireworks as well). We watched the concert until 00:30. On the way out we picked up the USE EP. Four songs for three dollars, that is better than iTunes! We picked up our jackets and left. I was hoping the delay would also let the traffic clear up before we left. Unfortunately, walking into our parking lot, we saw that our whole section was a traffic jam. After searching around for our car (that happens when you don't park in the usual spot (we were actually closer this time)), we hopped in and turned on the radio. I didn't bother turning on the car until the ones around me started moving, which would be a while. There was a guy in a car about 20 feet away who had his window rolled down and was singing. We could hear the "No's" coming from a girl in the car, who was slouched down trying not to be seen. We moved a little, but then it was stopped again. Finally, finally, the traffic started flowing consistently. While we were waiting, a bunch of police, fire, and medical vehicles entered the lot. As we were leaving we saw them over near a white truck, but my brother couldn't make out what was going on. We arrived at home a little before 02:00. Overall, a very good day.
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