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2004-01-04 03:43:05 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Woohoo, Alexa finally added a screenshot to the Related info page for my website. Unfortunately, it was taken one day before my new design was launched.
Also, I sort of became the unofficial Bit Torrent tracker for the Maestro program (released by the JPL). Their website was slashdotted, but I managed to grab one of the releases, so I made a torrent out of it. Another guy was able to grab the Linux release, so he used my tracker too. I was talking to one of the guys through e-mail and on IRC and he thanked me. I also may serve as the Bit Torrent tracker when they release updates. The real cool thing about being the tracker is getting to look at all the neato stats. The software is pretty cool, actually. It is the same software used by the scientists working on the current Mars probe from NASA. Right now it comes with some demo data, but they will upload some actual mission data in a week or so, once they have accumulated enough. Just be sure you have a metric arseload of RAM (because it is written in Java, for one thing).
Finally, I got my tickets to see Blue Man Group at the Astor Place Theatre in New York. I have never seen Tubes before, so this should be a lot of fun.
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