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2004-01-27 23:24:35 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Lots of good stuff happening. The weekend before last (1.5 weeks ago), I went to New York with my family. Here you can see Andrew's New York pictures. Already one of them has been used in a photoshop by my friend for his CSE class. The trip was great fun. We left on Thursday night and took the "red eye" flight there. The whole weekend was busy, but I won't talk too much about it now. I'll try to get a more detailed write up written later. However, I will say that I got to meet BlueJoe, Riddler, and LaL, some NY Blue Man fans. You can see a few pictures of the four of us on page 14. I went just in time, because I think the Astor show has already started changing!
As you may know... well, you probably don't know. Anyway, Goatse got its domain taken away. Apparently some woman complained and the Nic.cx people took the domain away, citing their AUP. This sucks! As you can see from the banner I have added (which is on every page generated by this index script), I believe we should "Free Goatse." In my opinion, someone should start their own top level domain, .gts, and give domains away for free, on the condition that all sites display hello.jpg on their front page. I'd do it. It truly is a sad time.
On a happier note, I had no high school today. Hobbs announced on Monday that we didn't have to come to our steel drum final, which was the only class I had today. There are some disadvantages of not having steel drum, but it was nice sleeping in. Tomorrow all I have is weight training and I'm planning on riding my back. I need to do that more. I used to be a bike riding machine in middle school, but that stopped quickly once I was able to drive (and also, the high school is a lot farther away (hence harder to bike to)).
I was listening to the radio yesterday (because iTrips and tape adapters sound bad and I don't have a 1/8" audio in plug in my car (because I am not willing to pay 300 bucks or whatever for a stereo that has a plug which should be standard)) and I heard All Things twice. Excellent! Unfortunately, I have still only heard Somnabulist once (which I have yet to buy on the iTunes Music Store).
My friend Xyzzy invited me to Orkut the other day. I played with it that night, but it was down the next morning. I believe it is still down for maintance and to fix a lot of bugs (and security holes). One of these holes allowed users to delete other users, and I believe mine may have been a casuality. This is unfortunate because I had entered all the data I wanted. Plus, I had founded a few communities (like the Blue Man Group community). We'll see what it is like when it comes on again. I'd also like to see what becomes of this project once more people start using it.
Today I got my acceptance to the UW. It was expected, but I am still relieved to get it.
On Thursday I am leaving to go on this year's winter campout. I can't wait to build a huge snow cave. The food should be good as well. If possible, I may bring some stuff for sushi. Man, I'm excited, we are going to build a huge complex (the complex we would have built last year had it not been raining (yes, rain and now suck; thank Linus for the women's bathroom)).
That is all for today. The next update will probably be after the snow camp. See ya!
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