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2004-02-03 00:46:00 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
We are Viet Cong resistance fighter. We kill American. An interesting thing happened this weekend, why not.</zoidberg> The snow trip actually started out pretty badly. I was all ready to leave on Thursday, sitting at home waiting to be picked up, when th phone rang to tell me that the road to Paradise was closed that day. Well, damn, now I'll have to get up real early and go with the plebeians, err, younger scouts. We arrive at the base, but the road is still closed. We decide to camp at, I believe, Sunshine. It only had an inch of snow, really lame. I heat some hot dogs up in a wok for my patrol and then we get into the van to play cards. There is nothing to do here, but we get bored after one hand. We sit around and talked for a bit, all the while fogging up the windows. Then, of course, we had to make the Titanicesque hand smears. We all find a place to lay down in the car to take a nap when the adults bust in and tell us we are heading up to longmire. I wasn't really tired before, but I passed out very quickly once we started on the car trip (a relatively short ride as well, maybe 20 minutes). Arriving at Longmire, we look around the national park building and then play in the snow. There is a lot more snow here, maybe five feet. We have a younger scout vs older scout snow ball fight; the adults later joined our team. I got a quick bloody nose. While I was hopping around like Smeagol, the adults put chains on their cars. We drove back to camp and soon started dinner. We made Ma Po Dofu. I went over to see what the younger scouts were eating: macaroni and cheese with broken hot dog pieces. I chat them up for al ittle while, give a few samples of our food, then head back to our table (shared with the adults). My patrol gets in the tent and we are all in bed going to sleep by 18:15. Yeah... early. I have a bunch of dreams that night. Between the two nights, I had probably at least eight unique dreams. This includes dreams about controlling a robot, breaking a finger, being in prison (and freaking out because I should be in there), seeing Josh at Lakeridge, and having the über-pass to the NYC subway system. I had a few more, but you won't hear about those ;). At one point I went to throw away some trash and Gatorade bottles. To my surprise, they had a garbage and three... three types of recycling cans. I was in New York two weeks earlier and had trouble finding any recycling cans. Here, in the middle of nowhere, where a bunch of recycling cans. I guess that is one difference between here and there. Anyway, the next morning we have english muffin sandwiches (with egg, cheese, and turkey bacon). We are lived the high life. The road didn't open until 10:45 and we didn't get to our spot until about 12:30. Nick, Eric, and I went our own special way to the campsite, blazing a new trail. We ended up a little high on the hill, so we went down just a little and around the hill some before finding the perfect spot. It was a steep incline on an out of the way hill. We immediately began working. I took off my jacket and one of my gloves (you get hot quickly). Nick worked on the main hallway and I worked on the kitchen. Danny, Derrick, and Derrick's dad had to leave at around 14:30-15:30, so we lost a lot of labor. It was down to Eric, Nick, and I, but we pushed on. Also, it was becoming more ineffecient as we had to throw snow higher to get over the ever increasing walls. Plus, the further underground we pushed, the more throws we had to make to get the snow out of the cave. By the end, while digging out the sleeping area, we had to throw each shovel full at least three times. Around 16:00, during my break, I made grilled cheese sandwiches in the wok. Eric and I had three while Nick had two. By then we had finished the kitchen, putting a green tarp over it (high enough to stand under). We continued work digging out the sleeping quarters, which was the least efficient part. We eventually had to whip out the flash lights and continue in the dark. We didn't get it done until well past 19:00. We should have had two full days of work, but we did pretty good considering we only had about half a day. We put a huge green tarp in the cave, which was way too big for the space. Oh yes, we knew our hallway was far enough down when we hit ground :). Our sleeping quarters were uphill from that, and the sleeping platform was just slightly below the mantel piece. Nick dug a small hole in the side of the main hallway for our bathroom. We forwent dinner, instead opting for instant sleep. It wasn't for the claustrophobic, we had over six feet of snow above us. Plus, the lid of my bivy sack and the green tarp kept falling on my face. The next morning I cooked scrambled omlets made with frozen eggs. The task of destroying the cave was almost as challenging as creating it. It didn't take as long, but we exerted a lot of effort. Nick went inside the cave and dug up while I dug down from the top. Eventually his shovel pocked through. Being stubborn, he refused to use the normal exit. He insisted Eric and I pull him up through the hole we made. It took quite a bit of work, but eventually managed. We finally left our cave and campsite as the sun was coming out for the first time. It was the first time I saw the mountain the whole weekend. I passed by the younger scouts igloo remains, the first time I had been to their little city. On the way back we listened to some of Jake's obligatory bluegrass music on XM radio. We stopped at fast food (which I didn't eat). Nick, Eric, and I crossed the street to the Wendy's. Being the smooth operator I am, after jay running across the street, I slipped on sidewalk gravel, cutting my hand and putting a small hole in my pants. Sitting in Jake's Jeep waiting to leave, Nick pulled in front of us. As Nick bobbed his head to music in his tricked out Volvo while wearing World War II style tank goggles, Jake told us that is why they don't allow scouts to ride with other scouts. After a disappointing start, we made a really neat snow cave in short order. Too bad we didn't have much time to enjoy it. In case you hadn't noticed, this year we named it after the Viet Cong. Two years ago it was named Tora Bora 2. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to dig a Saddam spider hole. Finally, after arriving at home, I performed some much needed Andrew maintence (I didn't have time to complete all of it that day). Then we headed to Blue C sushi with my Mom's friend from Nebraska. Afterwards we watched the Superbowl commercials. There were some good ones. The Pepsi/iTunes one sucked, but the giveaway is still doubleplusgood. I spent the whole show anticipating a certain Monster.com ad. When it finally aired, I jumped up and started air tubulum drumming (since it featured I Feel Love by Blue Man Group featuring Venus Hum).
Speaking of snow caves, iPods are freaking everywhere! I guess that is what happens when you sell 700,000 in one quarter, the largest chunk of the market of any manufacturer. I saw a bunch in NY. In the beginning of my weight training class, I was the only person with one (that I knew about), but by the end, there were three of us. Finally, the three of us that slept in the snow cave all have iPods.
The other day in school I saw a sign that read something like, "Be tolerant of people in other clicks." Does that include people in the unable-to-tell-the-difference-between-click-and-clique clique? This is why I wish I had a little digital camera, so I could take it with me and take pictures of all the funny things I see. That is the only problem with my current camera, it is too damn big. Another example I would take a picture of was at the Sonics game today. They were advertising (on the big screens) having Squatch "deliver you personal valentine." Did they get Reggie Evans to write this shit? I keed, I keed, I love Reggie.
Finally, for about a month(?) now I've been off pop. It feels great. However, I made an exception last week. My brother got some Jones soda and I had a green apple (the flavor of soda). I think I will make an exception for the occasional Jones soda. It is almost like dessert soda. The reason I'll make the exception is because it is, I believe, caffeine free, it doesn't feel caustic in my mouth, and doesn't leave a nasty after taste. Screw nasty Coke or Pepsi, go out and try a Jones soda. Support the underdog. Free Kevin. Free Mickey. Free Goatse. Hug a tree. Screw Comcast. Save the planet. Need I go on?
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