Good News!

Thanks to ParrotFish Music, I've finally gotten the CD. You can read the story.


I'm so sad. I've been wanting Destra's Laventille for a long time. The first time I heard a song from it was February 2004. I didn't know what it was from until months later. From that time forward, I had been trying to get my hands on a copy of this CD. I even ordered a copy from Rhyner's website, but unfortunately they send me the 2005 version. I would have sent it back for a return, but the shipping would have been prohibitively expensive. I'm sure Laventille 2005 is great (I haven't listened to it much), but whenever I think about it I can't help but think that it wasn't my first choice. I would enjoy it more if I could just get my hands on this CD. At the time of writing this, a Google for ["laventille 2004"] only provides 33 results. This album is so amazing, yet unfortunately so obscure. I need a copy of it. I'm in pain here. Oh god. I've even searched the internet for digital copies and have been unable to find anything. The best I have are some of the songs in low, low quality WMA format. Such a tease. I won't be finished whining until I can be wining to this album. Can anyone help me?