About Google Gadget Hosting

Welcome to Google Gadget Hosting.

This website was created by Andrew Hitchcock. When I discovered that Google had updated their Gadget API to support internationalization, I got the idea to create this site. Google itself allows users to translate their services, and I thought it would be great if users could easily harness the power of internet crowds to have their gadgets translated. When someone translates your gadget, you don't have to change any code, the gadget is automatically updated to support the new language and a message bundle is created.

Currently, Google recommends Google Pages to store your gadget, but this makes it time consuming to update a gadget. With Google Gadget Hosting, you can easily edit your gadget through a web based form. The edited version and published version are kept separate, so you can edit an "offline" copy (which is still hosted online for you to easily test) while your users are served the stable, working version.

This website uses a smorgasbord of web technologies: Perl, JavaScript, JSON, XML, SQL, XMLHTTP. It was conceived, designed, and implemented by Andrew Hitchcock. I'd also like to thank Jeff Hitchcock and Mike Chan for their help with QA.

Note: This page is not affiliated with Google in any way.