Google Quick Links

Okay, I'm not sure what to call these things, so I'm going to call them Quick Links, because that is what makes sense. I have been unable to find any other reports of these, so if you know of any, go to my main website and shoot me an e-mail. (Update: On 2005-08-19, Matt Cutts mentioned these on his blog.

Sample result for the query [squid]

It appears Google tries to take some common and helpful links from the website and put it directly in the results. They must be testing to see if it saves users time and they click on them. If you go to the squid website, you can see that the Quick Links were taken from the left sidebar. The FAQ and Software links seem handy, but the other two don't seem that useful (at least for me).

I originally only noticed this on only a few queries, but now I see it on more and more. I don't see it everytime I run the query, though. It seems to turn on and off in phases. Some example queries which occasionally return Quick Links are [squid] and [107.7 the end].