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43 Things
Shows a random item from a user's 43 Things list and allows them to navigate it.

Alexa Rank
Easily keep track of your site's Alexa ranking.

Atomic Mass
Gives the total atomic mass of any molecular formula

Binary Clock
Displays the time in BCD

A javascript blackjack game.

Comparison Shopping Search Page
With this widget you can search all the most popular shopping sites for the best prices on the net. Just enter the product you are looking for and the site to search. It is that easy.

Counts down to a user specified date

Engineering Web Search
Search Globalspec.

Display Flag on the Desktop. Flags Courtesy

Google Calculator
Performs calculations using Google Calculator without having to load a new page.

Google Glossary
Looks up the definition of a word using Google Glossary

Google Page Count
Displays the approximate number of web pages Google indexed

Google Translate
A quick 'n' easy way to translate text (or a web page) right from within your homepage! Works very well and does not require you to leave your homepage just to translate some text.

ImageShack Hosting
An easy way to upload to ImageShack.

Internet Slang Translator
Translate Internet Slang and Acronyms

Kitchen Sink
Google now has everything--and the kitchen sink!

More Google Searches
Gives textfields for other popular Google search services.

MusicMobs Music Recommendations
Type in a band to see related music or playlists containing that artist. Click the arrow to download an XSPF playlist.

A simple tool to display your latest bookmarks

Periodic Table
Pulls element data from

RapidShare Upload
Easily upload to RapidShare.

Encodes (or decodes) text using rot13

Torrent Searches
Searches the most popular torrent sites.

Wic Wac Woe
Just simple two-player hot-mouse Tic Tac Toe.

WiTendoFi WiFi Card
Your Nintendo WiFi Identiy

This page will no longer be maintained. I recommend for finding new modules. They have a nice system with voting, comments, and the ability to automatically add widgets.