Senior Assembly Drumbone

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This is our performance of Blue Man Group's song Drumbone during our school's senior assembly on 2004-06-09. I estimate this was performed in front of about 1500 of our peers, teachers, and family. Not many people knew we were going to dress up, not even the people organizing the assembly. We hid in the back gym during the beginning of the assembly to hide our outfits, but some people saw us as we walked to school. We entered the little gym that was also being used by cheer and I found it amusing that they were wearing nearly as much makup as us. We practiced some before it was our turn, just to keep our confidence up. Finally, our name was called and I led the way out into main gym. I had no idea what the reaction would be and I think people were a little confused at first. We quickly set up, with a little bit of confusion, and I begun playing. The audience reaction was minimal during the first half. We got some laughs when the middle Blue Man avoided being plugged into the left Blue Man. Then the rocking began. For some reason, the people in the background got a lot of amusement out of our jump (you can see in the high resolution footage). While we were rocking it hard, some people yelled and/or cheered. After it was done I saluted the audience, but was too out of it to notice the reactions (thankfully it was all filmed). We put away the drumbone and went into the corner (even though we were supposed to walk to the senior section, which we would later do). We got tons of compliments in the next few days, including from people who I don't normally get along with. John Dixon told me afterward that we were the only group he standing ovated (the standing ovation was confirmed by our video documentation). Robert and I screwed up a few times, but it went mostly well and audience didn't seem to mind. Interestingly, in between the audition video and the actual performance, we never actually got together as one group. We practiced as individuals and in small groups (of at most four people), but never all together.

Remember, this video is released under the Creative Commons, so feel free to do what you like with it, as long as you provide attribution.

Special thanks to Luther Hitchcock for bankrolling and helping apply the makeup, and to Luke's mom for helping with makeup, catering, and letting us use her house.

Guitar: Robert Hui
Drums: Luke Magill
Extended drumbone piece: Austin Hennessey
Original drumbone piece: Travis Day
Drumboner: Andrew Hitchcock
Videographer: Jeff Hitchcock
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