Slashdot ( /. ) - Anonymous Coward
Slashdot is a website which totes itself as "News for Nerds, Stuff That Matters" (which is what is under Slashdot on the front). On the back it says Anonymous Coward in barcode and english. Anonymous Coward is what your name is when you post a message anonymously on slashdot. Slashdot is also know as /. , which is shown below the barcode. You can probably tell where they got the name if you say the full URL out loud: h t t p colon slash slash slash dot dot org ( Slashdot is a cool website that gets a butt load of hits, check it out. Since so many people read slashdot, and many people refresh it every few minutes to check for new stories, being linked to from slashdot can be a dangerous thing. Within minutes you will have hundreds of nerds clicking on a link to your website which can bring a webserver to its knees, this is referred to as being slashdotted. You can see an example here, here, or read an article about it here. The Forbes article was the very first time I heard about slashdot.
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